Misha Singleton-Monce
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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Misha Singleton-Monce who was born in Wabash, Indiana on February 24, 1974 and passed away on May 20, 1998 at the age of 24, by suicide. We will remember her forever.
In her note she left for us she said she wished she could have been a better daughter, one we would have been proud of. Misha was always a WONDERFUL daughter. We were always proud of her and I so wish I could tell her that.
She also said that the joy her children brought to her life wasn't enough to make her want to live. My beautiful daughter was very ill. Depression is a illness just like cancer or any other. Like cancer it invades the body, the spirit and the mind. And like any other if not treated in the right ways, in time it causes death.

Some only dream of Angels............

I held one in my arms.................

May God Grant You Peace

When life becomes too much to bear
With only pain in sight...
Some folks make the choice to die,
By taking their own life. In just one moment, all is lost,
And nothing can replace...
The broken hearts of loved ones dear,
Or the tears that stain their face.              
Yet somehow they get through it,
With the grace of God, they do...
Time can heal the deepest wound,
and bring new peace to you. You'll never know the reason

And it's not for you to say...

But God responds to every need; Just trust He'll make a way.

Author - Jill Lemming Copyright 2000



To My Mommy, I Love you very much... Kessa Marie






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REMEMBER  / Kimberly Singleton (Sisiter-in-law)
REMEMBERThe sun shines in early morn      I remember you The cry of young ones      I remember you The smile upon a child’s face Christmas morning      I remember you The smell ...  Continue >>
Sister For The Ages   / Jason Singleton (Brother)
As I remember back to the days when she was around, there was not a better sister to have had. In her you were loved, protected, taken care of, and cherished. Those are the qualities that you want in a sister. To all who knew her she was a light in t...  Continue >>
Happy Birthday Beautiful   / Angie Gidley (Best Friend )
I know there is a huge party today in Heaven They say time heals all wounds.  For me this is not true.  I miss you today just as I did they day you left us.  I talk to you everyday and even though I can't hear you respond I know ...  Continue >>
Happy 40th Birthday   / Mom (Her Mother )
It's been almost 16 yrs since you left us. I don't know how I have survived. I think because of my grandchildren. Without them I don't know how I could go on without you. I miss you every minute of every day and wish you were here. You were my best f...  Continue >>
Beautiful memories   / Sally Bales (friend of Mom's )
What a wonderful tribute to a beautiful daughter.....
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